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------ slides ------
[1] how to install ubuntu
[2] how to install samba
[3] how to install cross compiler
[4] how to connect SV210 to host PC
[5] how to compile linux kernel
[6] how to device control
tcp/ip basic 1 (Korean)
tcp/ip basic 2 (Korean)
tcp/ip basic 1 (English)
tcp/ip basic 2 (English)
How a CPU works(Youtube Video)
Linux Boot Process
Understanding Linux Memory Management
------ source code ------
TCP/IP server and client example.( server.c, client.c)
TCP/IP server and client thread example.( server_thread.c, client_thread.c)
LED control example.( 8bit_led.c)
7 segment control example.( 7-segment.c)
dot matrix control example.( dot_matrix.c)
text lcd control example.( text_lcd.c)
keypad control example.( keypad.c)
linux thread example.( thread.c)
frame buffer control example.( frame_buffer_example.zip)
camera control example.( camera_example.zip)
touch event control example.( touch.c)
------ end -----